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Asahi/America in partnership with Bänninger of Germany, introduces Asahitec™ PP-RCT piping systems to the North American market.

PP-RCT is the latest advancement in polypropylene polymers and has a wide range of benefits for commercial plumbing systems. It has a more complex crystalline structure that provides greater pressure capabilities at higher temperatures than conventional PP materials. When used in a piping system, these enhanced mechanical properties make it suitable for higher temperature applications such as boiler and hot water systems. They also create lighter and thinner piping, while maintaining the necessary system pressure ratings. PP-RCT can also be extruded in a multi-layer pipe with fiber core middle layer. This core reduces the impact of thermal expansion on the piping system.

Ideal Applications Include:
Potable Water, HVAC – Hot Water and Chilled Water, Food and Beverage Grade Water, Hydronics, Sports Stadiums and Arenas, Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Schools and Universities, Government Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels and Apartments

Since 1950, Micromold Products has manufactured a broad line of corrosion resistant plastic products for the process industries. Micromold specializes in standard and custom products made from PTFE, PFA, & FEP and such other high performance plastics as Kynar, polypropylene, PEEK, nylon, Kel-F, and UHMW polyethylene.


PVC waterstop fittings are the most cost effective solution for eliminating weeping and leaks around pipe penetrations.